YOTM (Year Of the Motorcycle) is issue no. 8 of Thirst Magazine: a biannual publication of desire is an art serial published in New York by artist T.R. Ericsson. In this eighth issue, Ericsson translates The Year of the Motorcycle exhibition into a DVD and 8 panel booklet. The Year of the Motorcycle exhibition opened at the Progressive Corporation's headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio on July 20, 2005 and closed October 6, 2005. An interactive mixed media installation, Year Of the Motorcycle formed a profound portrait of Michael Robinson, T. R. Ericssons's uncle, during the last stages of a terminal illness that took his life in August, 2004. This publication contains a modified version of the interactive film, which anchored the exhibition, a documentary on the making of The Year of the Motorcycle, an image gallery featuring exhibition stills, and a companion booklet featuring a transcribed handwritten letter by Michael Robinson.

The Year Of the Motorcycle offers no resolution.
There remains only a moment of intimacy.