The YOTM (Year Of The Motorcycle) DVD, issue no. 8 of Thirst Magazine, records the experience of the original installation at the Progressive Corporation's headquarters in Cleveland, OH. This publication contains a modified version of the interactive film, which anchored the exhibition, a documentary on the making of The Year of the Motorcycle, an image gallery featuring exhibition stills, a companion booklet featuring a transcribed handwritten letter by Michael Robinson, and more.

The YOTM DVD is available through the purchase button below. For more information about the work and the artists please email info@yearofthemotorcycle.com.

YOTM was created by the artist T. R. Ericsson, with Evan Raskob, Guillermo Acevedo, and Rob Hudak. The YOTM documentary was created by Kristen Bly and T. R. Ericsson.

To purchase the DVD for $30 (US):